Add-on Items

Dedicated IP Address: $6 per month

Daily website backups: $8 per month

Is your hosting outsourced?

Your Digital Marketing Department does not outsource our website hosting. Our servers are currently located in a central Florida data center.

How much does it exactly cost?

Your Digital Marketing Department aims to have tailored pricing depending on a company’s budget and needs. Rather than an unreasonable flat price, we want to have flexible pricing that works with any client regardless of size. Contact us today to find out which hosting plan fits your needs.

Who do I contact for hosting support?

Your Digital Marketing Department servers are not outsourced, allowing support for both websites and hosting all from the same place.
Most web design/development companies use outsourced hosting services such as through GoDaddy and HostGator. This requires the client to not only contact their web designer/developer for website assistance, but also requires the client to separately contact the website host as well.
With Your Digital Marketing Department you will be able to receive help for both websites and hosting all from the same place, saving you time and from headache.

Are these plans limited to these services/features?

Your Digital Marketing Department’s goal for hosting is flexibility. In addition to the included services and features above, we like to include extra services to loyal clients. For instance, we are currently offering free blog management for new clients with Gold and Platinum Packages for a limited time.

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