Search Engine Optimization


Search engine optimization is what will make your website show up on top of a web browser before other similar sites do. Unlike paid methods, search engine optimization gives your website traffic organically. Essentially, search engine optimization does exactly what it says in the name: it optimizes your web assets for search engines. Search engine optimization considers the computer programmed algorithms within search engines, allowing customers who search the internet to find websites tailored to their key words.

Why does every business website need proper SEO?


Brings in more traffic.

Search engine optimization allows those looking for products and services to find your website. SEO will help bring in more traffic to your website, thus resulting in more conversions and sales.

Makes your website easier to find.

Without proper SEO your website may be more difficult to find when searching the internet. Poor SEO will result in your website being much further down under a search result, lowering the chances of anyone discovering your business website.

Improves your competitive traffic.

When showing your website under search results, you will want your website to appear before competitors. Having proper SEO will make sure your website comes up before other competitors who may serve similar products and services do.

Keeps your website relevant.

Relevance can be a major determining factor of whether or not you will make a sale. Continual updates will show your audience that your business is current and is ready to engage. Search engines typically do not prefer to show outdated websites that may have outdated information.

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What can you expect from us?


Brand awareness.

SEO will vary from company to company. For instance, a lawn care business will want to show up in search results looking for lawn care services, not under the results of someone looking for graphic design services. Your Digital Marketing Department will make sure to implement your brand when considering SEO, shaping your website up for its appropriate audience.

Higher SEO ranking.

Your Digital Marketing Department will construct proper SEO so that your site will begin to show up higher under search results. Higher ranking means more traffic, and more traffic results in more sales. With proper SEO techniques, Your Digital Marketing Department will make sure your website climbs the search results ladder.

Rank monitoring.

SEO can be measured and analyzed once implemented. Although results may not be immediate, growth will be apparent once traffic begins to increase. Your Digital Marketing Department will go over the growth of your website’s SEO and apply more efficient methods when needed.

Competitor analysis.

Having your website sit under a competitors is not good for your business. Your Digital Marketing Department will make sure to take any competitor analysis into consideration when sculpting your website’s SEO. We will use strategies to help your website grow and outrank competitors of similar searches.

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No need to sell an arm and a leg just to build a digital presence for your company. Your Digital Marketing Department makes sure to have reasonable prices tailored for each individual client.


The primary focus of these marketing strategies is to increase conversions. We will make sure to monitor these results so that you can track the progress and growth of your company.

US based

No need to contact overseas for customer service. We are stationed down in Florida.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this affect my website?
Our SEO team will make changes to the technical aspects of your website, typically the coding. This usually refers to the meta tags, the coding structure, etc. Some words may be implemented throughout the website as well. However, the original structure of your website will be maintained. Most of the changes will be unnoticeable.
How will I know it's working?
With the use of various analytics tools, Your Digital Marketing Department will be able to track changes in traffic and search engine optimization ranking. With these results you will be able to see improvements to your site’s traffic.
How long is the process?
Overall, the SEO process is always ongoing. Continual maintenance is important in keeping a high SEO ranking and even reaching higher ranking.

However, seeing your website climb the search engine results page may take several months. This will depend on the existing market and its audience.

Do you guarantee high rankings?
Your Digital Marketing Department does not guarantee rankings. No company that works with SEO can actually guarantee rankings. If you come across another SEO company that claims they guarantee rankings, you should steer away as this is impossible. However, SEO is guaranteed to improve your website and will always be an important investment.
What are keywords?
Keywords are descriptions of information people will search for to find relevant web content. Basically, keywords are the words people use when searching for your website. These are the words people type into Google or Bing to find websites that provide them with what they need. Discovering the best words for your website is important for helping your target audience discover your website. Optimal keywords will help your website come up first when a user searches for products or services you provide.
Why is SEO a continuous effort?
There are plenty of factors that drive changes in SEO for every site. For the most part, the web is a forever changing environment that will always bring new information. New websites are made, older websites are updated, and search engines are always improving. With all these changes and the Web becoming more competitive, continuous SEO is an important investment.