With the introduction and popularization of social media, many may believe that email has phased its way out. However, email is possibly more prominent than ever, fortunately serving as a hub of information that is constantly updated. Email marketing is a highly effective strategy that reaches out to your prospects, converting them into loyal customers. This marketing strategy allows you to keep connection with your audience and to constantly remind them that you may be the solution to their problems.

How will email marketing help my business?


Stay connected.

After doing business with a customer once, you may not see them again. However, email marketing keeps you connected with your customers, bringing them in for more business.

Ease of management.

You will save time and money when it comes to email marketing. Managing an entire email marketing campaign can be tedious and requires a lot of resources. Avoid the headache and costs of hiring an entirely new employee to manage your email marketing campaigns.

Acquire leads and generate sales.

Similar to your website, your email marketing will provide customers the information they need to determine that your company may serve purpose to them. Emails will stand out from standard advertising as emails are much more significant than typical advertisements.

Reflect your business.

Starting a new campaign or improving an old one is important. One of the first steps in making sure these emails are effective are to make sure your content reflects your business. With brand awareness and area of business in mind, we will help you produce highly effective campaigns and effective emails.

Ready to send effective emails?

What can you expect from us?


Email campaigns.

Launching campaigns is important in bringing in new leads and increasing conversions. Fortunately, email campaigns are quite effective and much more attainable than other forms of campaigns. Your Digital Marketing Department will provide a plan and develop an effective campaign that will reach out your audience.

List maintenance.

Keeping your email list up to date is much more important than many may think. If you are constantly emailing users who are not interested nor engaged, you may end up in spam. To avoid this poor email deliverability we will monitor your contacts’ engagement to keep your email list updated. Learn more about business email spam here.

Marketing performance.

You will want to know how effective and successful your emails are. Understanding the performance of your email marketing will help make any adjustments to produce a highly effective email marketing system. YDMD will keep you updated with the good, the bad, and anything else going on with your emails.

Ready to send effective emails?

Why would you choose us?



No need to sell an arm and a leg just to build a digital presence for your company. Your Digital Marketing Department makes sure to have reasonable prices tailored for each individual client.


The primary focus of these marketing strategies is to increase conversions. We will make sure to monitor these results so that you can track the progress and growth of your company.

US based

No need to contact overseas for customer service. We are stationed down in Florida.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does my business get subscribers?
There are several methods and tools used for building up subscribers. Businesses typically build up their subscriber count through sign up forms listed on their websites or social media.
How often should my business send out emails?
Different businesses will want to send out emails differently. There is no exact umbrella amount that will provide every business with complete email marketing success, however we typically recommend to send audience emails weekly.
How do you see how effective an email campaign is?
Using analytics tools, Your Digital Marketing Department will be able to measure the number of opened emails, clicks, bounces, forwards and unsubscribes from your email audience. Using this information, Your Digital Marketing Department will be able to measure how effective a campaign may be.
How will I tell if my emails become spam?
An easy way to check if your email ends up in the spam folder is by sending it to yourself through different email browsers. Additionally, there are various tools out there that help test your email’s spam score and quality.