Online Advertising


Advertising is the most efficient way of expanding your reach to many new potential clients and customers. Online advertising uses the internet to display information regarding your business to customers who may be interested. Typically, these advertisements will appear to those who may be looking for your products or services provided by your business. Using online advertising, the internet is one of the easiest ways to bring in new traffic and customers.

Why does every business need online advertising?


Extended reach.

You can expand your reach with online advertising because it allows you to target areas larger than where your store front is. This offers an advantage that many business owners are overlooking, We give business owners an opportunity to not just survive but prosper.

Highly targeted.

With these forms of advertising you can really narrow your demographics and geographic down to where your ads are only being seen by the people that are most likely to purchase your product or service. This is means that marketing dollars will not be wasted on a shot in the dark.

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What can you expect from us?


A cost efficient form of advertisement.

At Your Digital Marketing Department we leverage Google Adwords to create cost efficient campaigns. For every 1 dollar spent on Google Adwords the average return is 2 dollars. Google Adwords uses a Pay-Per-Click method for its advertising. This means that you only have to pay when someone clicks on your ad.

Measurable results.

The great thing about (PPC) ad types is that the results are extremely measurable. We send monthly reports on how your campaign has been performing to keep the process as transparent as possible. Be able to precisely measure the results allows us to optimize campaign to their full potential.

Ready to bring in new customers?

Why would you choose us?



No need to sell an arm and a leg just to build a digital presence for your company. Your Digital Marketing Department makes sure to have reasonable prices tailored for each individual client.


The primary focus of these marketing strategies is to increase conversions. We will make sure to monitor these results so that you can track the progress and growth of your company.

US based

No need to contact overseas for customer service. We are stationed down in Florida.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is online advertising priced?
There are various pricing models when it comes to online advertising. Advertisements are charged anywhere from how many clicks your ad receives to how long you request for it to be displayed. Depending on which method you pursue will drive how much it may cost, how easy it is to budget the ad, and how well it may appeal to your potential audience.
What online advertising model should I consider?
When considering any of the many online advertising approaches, here are a couple of elements you should consider:

  • Do you want to target demographic or interest?
  • Will this option help reach out to your primary audience?
  • Will your ad market towards consumers or other businesses?
  • Do you want a guaranteed budget for your ads?
How do I know if my advertisements are successful?
With analytic tools we are able to track the number of impressions made and how many click on the ad itself. With this information we can measure the success of your advertisement.
How many clicks will my advertisement receive?
Clicks for your advertisement will depend on your target audience and the ad itself. Higher quality advertisements will reach higher clicks, while your area of interest will dictate how often it may be clicked as well.
How much should I budget for online advertising?
Online advertisement budget will depend on whether or not you are looking to advertise for brand awareness or sales, the size of the company, and the type of product or service you are advertising. Although there is no exact amount a business should budget for online advertising, anywhere from 2% to 8% of the annual budget is recommended for smaller businesses.
How much does it cost?
Your Digital Marketing Department will work with you in designing a strategy suitable for your business. With this strategy we will be able to provide you with a recommended budget for your online advertising. Contact us today to get a better idea of how much you may be spending on online advertising.